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New Springs Rent To Own Program

Attention Sellers Looking to Rent To Own

We offer a unique Rent To Own plan that will fit your needs. We will Rent To Own your home from you at an agreed price and terms. We will find a suitable tenant/buyer to live in your home. When our tenant/buyer is ready to buy, we will help them get financing to buy your home.

Seller Benefits:

Build equity every month

No long vacancies

Safer than conventional rentals, better quality tenants

No management headaches

Receive up to full asking price

Receive a non-refundable down payment

No or little maintenance costs or repairs

Tax benefits

At New Springs, we understand that with changing times come new challenges. That's why are working hard to bring you new solutions that fit EVERY situation. Our list of pre-qualified rent to own home buyers is available to you, ready to match you up with a buyer and a plan to meet the needs of everyone, perfectly!

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We promise to give you a fair offer for your home without the typical low-ball tactics Investors typically use. We strive to make our offers benefit all parties. Don’t underestimate the value of working with honest, experienced people. Contact us today to sell your home fast.

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